Review at "Gapplegate"

Another nice review from Grego Edwards...

"Art Bailey wows you with his very quirky compositions. They are harmonically advanced, melodically unexpected, chromatic/a-chromatic and delightfully asymmetrical."

Read it in full here...



...thanks, Greg!


New Review by Mark Corroto at All About Jazz


This just in from Mark Corroto;

"In a classic Monty Python comedy sketch, John Cleese, a self-defense instructor, teaches various techniques to disarm an attacker who comes at his victims armed with a piece of fruit. The students dissent, but Cleese runs down a list of lethal weapons including grapes, apples, grapefruit (whole and segments), pomegranates, etc. The pupils bored refrain, "we done them," to which Cleese yelps, "How about a banana?"

Like the defense class, listeners might protest at the thought of yet another piano jazz trio recording. That is unless the instigator is pianist and composer Art Bailey." Awwww!


More here:   www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=42491


Album Review at "Free Jazz"

Paolo Casertano wrote a very nice review for the "Free Jazz" blog of my new album, "Quiet As A Bone". You can check it out here...


"From the very first notes a strong cinematic taste spreads through the listener catapulting him into a seventies exploitation movie. An ideal score to a car chase scene or to a “could please someone save the world?” climax. You can choose the subgenus and enjoy yourself seeking which track you would link to a peculiar passage of the plot."


Art Bailey Trio- Octopants  



Here's some video from last Sunday for my new release, "Quiet As A Bone", at The Firehouse Space. It was a really fun show! Michael Bates on bass, and Owen Howard on drums. Enjoy...



New CD, "Quiet as a Bone", has arrived.


That's the sound of 350 (+/- 10%) CDs landing on my porch, gently delivered by an unnamed postal service. Fortunately, Discmakers packs 'em right. So, here they are! Ready to be sent off into the world to make their way. I'm so proud of them.

You can sample a few tracks, or even make the leap and purchase one, on the "Listen/Buy" page. And, if you're in the Brooklyn area, you can stop by the Firehouse Space on March 18th at 8pm to hear me, Michael Bates and Owen Howard tear it up live...further details on my calendar. Thanks for reading!