Art Bailey Rhodes solo 1+2+3 Series NYC 7 19 14



House concert with Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, bs., and Guillermo Gregorio cl.


It's been a minute...

Updating a website is one of those things that can really escape your attention. A website doesn't constantly remind you of its existance with noisy persistance of a couple of grade school aged kids that I know of. Then, it'd be like,"Art...Art...Art...update me...Art...pleeeeeze update me!"

Many new irons in the proverbial fire. I'll be premiering a 10 minute solo accordion piece at William Schimmel's annual Accordion Seminars, at Tenri Institute on Aug. 1, check the calendar for details. 2 new groups that I'm privileged to be part of--one is bassist Michael Bisio's "Accortet", with Kirk Knuffke on cornet and Michael Wimberly on percussion. Second, is a new group with Guillermo Gregorio and Miguel Malla on clarinets, me on accordion, and Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic on bass.

Other than that, it's been a great year of playing, writing, reading, photographing, and learning. Working on some big band music, watch this space for updates!



Review at "Gapplegate"

Another nice review from Grego Edwards...

"Art Bailey wows you with his very quirky compositions. They are harmonically advanced, melodically unexpected, chromatic/a-chromatic and delightfully asymmetrical."

Read it in full here...


...thanks, Greg!


New Review by Mark Corroto at All About Jazz


This just in from Mark Corroto;

"In a classic Monty Python comedy sketch, John Cleese, a self-defense instructor, teaches various techniques to disarm an attacker who comes at his victims armed with a piece of fruit. The students dissent, but Cleese runs down a list of lethal weapons including grapes, apples, grapefruit (whole and segments), pomegranates, etc. The pupils bored refrain, "we done them," to which Cleese yelps, "How about a banana?"

Like the defense class, listeners might protest at the thought of yet another piano jazz trio recording. That is unless the instigator is pianist and composer Art Bailey." Awwww!


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